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Oil and Gas

Custom Automated Controls has been involved in the Oil and Gas Industry since day 1.  The company was built by electricians from within the field and versed in project managers.  


We know your challenges as a customer frequently involves complex schedule changes and unique demands.  CAC's experiences as a small contractor set us apart from our larger competitors.  Recognizing that every job is vital, we staff our projects with experienced leadership from our core employees.  We maintain the ability to work with engineers to identify solutions and changes to benefit your project.  CAC believes it is our place to serve as a part of your team, as opposed to another vendor.

CAC Generators.png

Having installed, repaired and serviced generators of all sizes, CAC is your one call for any type of generator needs.


Whether it is at your home, business or any other location, CAC can help you identify the right generator for your needs, size it, install it and service it when needed.  Don't take a chance with others, and go with the company who has the most experience, making sure your power needs are met.

Digester / Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy is changing the way the world views and satisfies its energy needs.  CAC shares in the excitement of these projects and lend its own expertise to the work.

With 11 percent of electricity generation is expected to be provided by nonhydropower renewables, CAC is committed to working with projects and engineers on the frontline of this new front.  


Having diverse experiences in the oil and gas industry translates to the ability to construct, commission and troubleshoot the new technology harvesting renewable energy.


We believe in being your partner for the advancing renewable energy industry.

Chemical / Food and Beverage

With the experience needed in Automation, CAC has the ability to keep your facilities up and running.



CAC can help keep your facility up and running by utilizing its expertise in automation and process control systems.


Let us put our experience into a job for you.  If you are looking for a contractor to assist with an expansion, turnaround, or upgrade, our experienced technicians can complete the job safely and with minimal interference.


No matter the size, no matter the type of facility, we would lover to work as your partner.

Pulp and Paper

Successful projects delivered under budget defined CAC's transition into the pulp, paper and timber industry.

When deciding to diversify the industries in which it works, CAC leadership knew that the experiences and knowledge base translated to the ability to deliver better performance than the industry was seeing.  


As a pulp and paper customer, you can expect a workforce focused on production and safety.  When it comes to shutdowns, we understand that those two items are key and that is what CAC expects from itself.


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