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Solutions are what sets us apart.  Contact us today to discuss your project's needs.


Electrical & Instrumentation


With a magnitude of experience in this specialty trade, CAC has the knowledge and skill to install your instrumentation and pneumatic sytems.  Controls, valves, and instrumentation will be installed neatly and functionally, to provide you the results you expect on your project.  Additionally, other services include:


New Construction • Turnarounds • Routine Maintenance • Commissioning • Calibration & Startup • Pneumatic Services • Inspection Services • Troubleshooting • Project Management • Panel & Cable Services • PLC Design & Fabrication • MCC/Switchgear Packaging


Control Panel Systems


CAC has the capacity to fabricate or build panel projects from client-furnished documentation. Whether it’s pneumatic, hydraulic, electronic or a combination of systems, CAC has qualified personnel to handle the fabrication project.


Generator Sales & Installation


CAC can help you avoid inconvenient and costly power interruptions in both your home and business.  Allow CAC to help you solve your energy needs through the purchase and install of generators and automatic transfer switches (ATS).




CAC's safety program in one of the proud accomplishments promoted by the company.  It is a large reason why our valued customers provide us with job opportunities.  Our safety program includes:


Daily Safety Meetings • Weekly Safety Audits • Pre-job Meetings • Progressive Disciplinary Policy • Drug Testing 
• Accident/Near Miss Investigation • Safety Training (includes new hire orientation)  • P.S.A. A pre-job assessment of known or predictable hazards • Job Safety Analysis - JSA

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